Apps That Support Oral Language Skills Development

We know that oral language skills development is critical for children to later on develop good reading and writing skills. So, the more opportunities we give them to talk, the better !

  1. Oral language develops vocabulary concepts.  Children gain information about word meanings and pronunciation and these concepts are first introduced in speaking and understanding others’ speech.
  2. Children learn through oral language the structure of language and that it communicates meaning.  Children who can articulate their words and thoughts clearly have an advantage in learning to read over those children who have poor oral language skills.
  3. Oral language teaches children cultural nuances, giving them specific background knowledge that aides in reading comprehension.
  4. Oral language acquisition builds a desire to use language for a variety of purposes, such as reading, wiring and listening.”

(Ponkoney, S. “The Impact of Oral Language Development on Reading Success”)

So, here are a few Apps tested by teachers that could support your students oral language skills development:

PUPPET PALS HD:  Students can create cartoons with different characters and give a voice to each one of them. They could use this App to report on a book, tell a story or to show their understanding of a concept from any subject. A fun way to make their learning, thoughts and ideas visible!


SOCK PUPPETS: Similar to Puppet Pals, Sock Puppets automatically changes the pitch of the voice recorded for increased privacy protection.

YAKI: With the YAKI App you can make anything talk! Just use a photo from your camera roll or use an image saved from the internet. Then, add a cartoon mouth to it and make it move as you record your speech, giving a voice to the image you are using. Imagine your students reporting on a beanstalk growth from the perspective of the beanstalk itself? Or on a European peasant from Medieval times from the perspective of his/her shoes? Your students would love that! Imagine now all the curriculum expectations in different subject areas you would cover with assignments like that! The possibilities are endless!

It is SHOW TIME! Download these Apps and let  your students have fun while learning!

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